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All Guilds Meeting - October 2013

Portrait de Doobes

October's All Guilds Meeting has finished and there was lots to report, the least of which being that Doobes finally stopped slacking and returned to his moderating duties at last! cheeky As always, here are the raw and cleansed chatlogs for a little light reading.

Here's what went on this month:

Cavern Tours/Cavern Theater

Zeke365 and Stone started things off to talk about their planned Cavern Tours.  They are still in need of planning, including a translation bot (which Stone is working on), but they hope to have something happen in November.  Cavern Theater is still being put together.  Explorers are welcome to submit what they have to zeke for approval (  Events incorporating this material are still to be scheduled.

Guild of Writers

Hoikas came up next to mention that Gehn.17 was recently released.  The shard now has 908 active avatars, and the group would like to throw another party at some point in the future (hopefully to bring that total to 1,000!).

The Wonders of D'ni

Samoth spoke about his longtime project in the works, The Wonders of D'ni.  It's an anthology of stories based on Myst through Myst IV plus URU, which can be found here.  He also has created a photo book, which contains around 1400 pictures!  It can be downloaded here.

The Lost Art

Vector Cramp, public relations manager for MystiTech Productions, talked a bit about The Lost Art, an upcoming machinima series set in URU using the game's engine for filming.  They are set to start releasing episodes next summer.  You can view the teaser trailer here.

The Cleft and Below

Esto was up next to talk a bit more about The Cleft and Below.  You can read more about it at our previous news post.


Annabelle came up to talk about her latest project.  She has migrated over to the Deep Island shard (as the glitching is more agreeable), where she will have new quests to try.  She will keep everyone updated on the project via the Guild of Writers' forums and will discuss things more at the next AGM.


Kaaja proposed a project, along with help from Michel, that would allow creation of 3D sculptures via Jalak.  She would like to hold an event sometime around the holidays.  Stay tuned to this site and the MOUL forums!

Guild of Messengers

The GoMe came up last.  Doobes talked about how the script for URU2U Episode 3 was in the works and once again called on anyone who would like to help with that.  Lyrositor reported that the GoMe site's migration to a new server went well and for anyone who visits it to look for any bugs that might be lingering.  They also mentioned Musica's article from The Cavern Post released recently about Jack Wall and Tim Larkin.


The final CAVCON total for September was 2.4.  For October so far, the meter is at 2.0.  Don't forget to donate!

And that's all for now.  Until November!

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